Is it possible to upgrade my American Airlines Economy ticket to First Class?

Hi, I’m flying to Indianapolis in September. Because I’m cheap, i managed to get a Red Eye deal from BNE to Lax in Economy, question I have is I’m flying Economy from LAX to IND on American Airlines and I’m wondering if there is any way to pay for an upgrade to First? I have minimal points with QF, so paying is probably the only option. As the tickets are restricted to the max, is this going to be possible and if so how do I do it?

thanks in advance.


You can’t use Qantas points to upgrade on AA flights

It might be better to send an online enquiry to AA directly as it depends on your fare type. They respond in a few days

Thanks Mark, I might do that. I have heard that occasionally when using the kiosk there is the option to purchase an upgrade but I will email and find out.