Is it possible to upgrade a group of 5 to premium economy with Qantas points?

is it possible to upgrade economy return flights to Amsterdam using Qantas points?
there are 5 of us travelling and we would like to upgrade to premium economy. Qantas are more expensive for economy flights to Europe but if I can upgrade it would be worth it.
thanks in advance

Generally, it is near impossible to upgrade more than 2 or 3 people with an Qantas upgrades unless you hold top Platinium One status. I would argue that it’s not worth it to pay even $100 per person for the slight chance of upgrade. If you are hopping to upgrade, book each person in a seperate ticket so that whilst not all 5 maybe able to upgrade, at least 1 or 2 can be.

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I agree with djtech: don’t get your hopes up. Bear in mind that Qantas doesn’t fly into Amsterdam so your two options are:

  • Fly Qantas into London and then fly another airline into Amsterdam. But your chances of finding five PE upgrades on a Qantas flight to London are extremely low.

  • Fly a Qantas partner airline such as Emirates or Cathay Pacific into Amsterdam. However, Emirates doesn’t have PE and you can’t use Qantas points for upgrades on Cathay or other Oneworld airlines.

You might get (extremely) lucky, but really the answer to your original question is, almost certainly, “no”.