Is it possible to upgrade a Dubai to Melbourne flight?

Any suggestions on what is the best way/itenerary to upgrade my so who is travelling from Dubai to Melbourne mid September. I have points both, with Qantas and Velocity. Thanks a lot.

You will probably not be able to upgrade with either Qantas or Velocity points unfortunately. I assume your SO will be flying on Emirates. In that case, you will only be able to upgrade if you have Emirates Skywards points. Cash is king, though, so you can always bid for an upgrade, or often, they sell upgrades at the counter.

Thanks so much for picking up. Perhaps one leg to Singapore and then onwards may be the other option?

I was on an EK flight from DXB to SIN last year and asked the FA if there were any business class seats available once we were in the air. FA came back to me with a yes and a hefty $1300 USD cost. I declined but good to know you can upgrade in the air if desired.