Is it possible to transfer points from Flybuys to Krisflyer?

Hi Everyone!
Need some advice:
Have a first class flight redemption on hold with Krisflyer at the moment.

Trying to strategically transfer all the small amount of points from other sources to Krisflyer first, then top up balance required from my Amex points.

Is there a way to transfer a fairly healthy amount of Flybuys points to Krisflyer?
Wondering if this could be achieved by first transferring to Velocity and then to Krisflyer?
Does anyone know if this is allowed and do-able?
If so, what are the minimum/maximum point transfers allowed and what would be the $ loss in the transfers?
Can’t find any information regarding rules and regulations on either website.
Thank you for your expertise, time and help.
Go Well,

yes Fly buys can be converted to velocity and then krisflyer.

1.35 velocity points = 1 krisflyer so you lose some in transfer

Yes it can be done.

You’ll get approximately 1 KF mile for 3 flybuys points.

There is a limit of 138,000 Flybuys points transferred into Velocity each calendar year, about 45,000 KF miles worth.

Multiply the number of Flybuys by 0.435 to calculate how many Velocity points then divide that number by 1.35 to convert to Krisflyer.  Flybuys can only be transferred in increments of 2000.

eg. 10,000 Fbs  x 0.435 = 4350 VFF

4350 VFF / 1.35 = 3,222 KF