Is it possible to request KrisFlyer upgrades for specific flights within an itinerary?

Hi All,

I’ve got a bit of an interesting one. I’ve got a Business Trip coming up where I’ve been provided with a Premium Economy ticket with Singapore Airlines:

Leg 1: Melbourne to Singapore (Singapore Air)
Leg 2: Singapore to Hyderabad (India) (SilkAir)

Then I will be flying Domestic to Mumbai, and later returning to Melbourne from there.
Leg 3: Hyderabad to Mumbai (JetAirways)
Leg 4: Mumbai to Singapore (Singapore Air)
Leg 5: Singapore to Melbourne (Singapore Air)

I’m investigating upgrading from Premium Economy to Business Class for Legs 1,4, & 5. Is this possible to select particular legs of my round trip? Only interested in upgrade for just those 3 legs (don’t need the SilkAir leg upgrade because SA business class is not worth spending the points).

I’ve also noted through using the redemption calculator on the KrisFlyer website, that the points required for One-Way trips are much cheaper than doing the Return flight. Why is this the case?

Any advice I can get is much appreciated :slight_smile:


I believe you should be able to request upgrade on certain legs. Please ring Krisflyer to confirm.

If you go ahead, it may cost less miles if you upgrade leg 4 and 5 together too.

Check out this link for the upgrade mile costs table.

I checked out the calculator, you may be confusing saver and standard upgrades. Saver costs less miles and there usually is less availabilities. Standard is more costly and there are generally more availabilities. Therefore, saver redemptions are what we typically strive for unless you have to travel on that particular flight or you have a lot of miles at your disposal.

So I got in contact with KF, and apparently you can upgrade selected legs of your itinerary :slight_smile: