Is it possible to redeem good value round the world flights with Velocity points?

I recall reading an article here that suggested a clever way for making a round the world redemption and using this to make two separate trips (one to Europe and one to the US) but now I can’t find it.

Does anyone know if this is still possible using Velocity points and how it was done 9I recall there were some specific tips and tricks).

Thanks in advance.

No possible using Velocity points. Qantas has oneworld RTW redemptions.

I vaguely recall reading about it too but, like you, I can’t find the article. From memory it involved using Velocity points to fly a combination of Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic. Using those two airlines it is possible to fly around the world using Velocity points, but your destinations would be very limited.

I haven’t done the points calculations, but I suspect you’d be better off converting your Velocity points to Krisflyer and then booking a Star Alliance RTW redemption.