Is it possible to redeem flights from Singapore to Australia with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles?

In your Point Hacks article “Top 10 first class products flying from Australia” , you mention
" Use Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles for the cheapest redemption rates and lower taxes than Qantas Frequent Flyer’
My wife and I will be flying back to Australia (BNE) from Singapore via Hong Kong next year.
With the troubles in Hong Kong we are looking at a direct flight.
Alaska seems to restrict bookings Hong Kong - Australia to Cathay Pacific; and only internal and NZ flights with Qantas
Can we use Alaska Airlines points (or Avianca Lifemiles) to book flights Singapore to Australia.
Will appreciate any any comments

You could try and look for award space on Qantas which you can redeem on Alaska. Qantas is the only partner which flies the route directly.

The other airline operating the route is Singapore Airlines which you can use lifemiles for. However, they release very little if any award space for partners

djtech - thanks for taking the time to reply
I have looked on the Qantas site and looks like there is award availability for Qantas on points (430000 approx??)
However, Qantas availability on Alaska’s web site seems to be restricted to internal/NZ flights. How do I find out what Alaska points are required for SIN-BNE on Qantas and how do I redeem on Alaska - do I have to ring Alaska?

Short answer, it’s not possible to use Alaska miles for a SIN-BNE flight. Alaska miles can only be used on Qantas flights within Australia and to North America (and potentially NZ).

The only option into Asia with Alaska miles is Cathay Pacific as you’ve booked.

Perhaps after today’s news though you might not need to avoid Hong Kong after all…

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Additionally, if it’s showing on the Qantas site as being an award at 430,000 points, then that’s likely to be an Any Seat Award and not a Classic Award (which is likely to be 60,000 Qantas points for the next 2 weeks).

Any Seat Rewards are not available to any partner airlines.

Classic Award are often available to most Oneworld partners, although Alaska is an exception to that (given it’s not a Oneworld partner and can only be used for select Qantas routes as highlighted above).

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Thanks so much for taking time to reply and information re Alaska/Cathay/Qantas.
We are hopeful that the situation in Hong Kong will resolve and we will be able to visit.
Kind regards