Is it possible to place a hold on Velocity award redemptions?

We know that AA, SQ and to a certain degree CX, allow redemptions to be placed on hold while points are transferred into the relevant FF program.

What about Virgin? I am looking to fly to the US and I can see a J seat on my preferred day but I am very nervous about transfering the requisite points from Amex to Virgin (apparently up to 3 days) and then finding the seat gone! Is there any way around this?


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The official position with VA is no, VA won’t hold the seats for you. But I guess it’s one of those situation if you ask an agent very nicely they might do it for you.

My experience was that I was just waiting for 3000ish points from VA eshopping which should’ve been posted but got delayed. I told them those points should’ve already been posted and I didn’t want to lose seat. VA “loaned” me those points and said they’ll deduct once those eshopping points dropped. (It was showing “pending” on my account so I wasn’t lying). So I guess by asking nicely it may work.

Alternativelt, do you have any KF points sitting around? Any family members you can top points with? Those are all instant if VA won’t hold the seat for you.