Is it possible to pay your tax through MyPost Digital Mailbox and earn Velocity Points?

I recently signed up for MyPost Digital Mailbox and connected my MyGov account, in the hope that I would be able to earn 50 Velocity points when paying my tax bill. I now have a tax bill to pay, and instead of the bill being sent to the digital mailbox, I am just receiving letters instructing me to go to the MyGov website to pay my bill…

Does anyone know if it is actually possible to earn the 50 Velocity points that MyPost are offering (when paying tax), or am I just having wishful thoughts?

50 velocity points? I wouldn’t waste my time.

There are still cards paying points (some at 1:1) for ATO spend, I imagine your tax bill is more than $50, you would be better off paying the ATO bill on a point earning card.

The list of cards is ever changing (reducing) - have a look at the latest posts here:

I use the Jetstar Mastercard, but be careful applying for this one, it is likely the T&C will change shortly as other cards from the same family have done so recently.