Is it possible to pay property stamp duty via Reward Pay or B2B Pay?

Hi All

I am about to purchase a house in my own personal name. Is it possible to pay the stamp duty to the government using a payment service like rewardpay or B2B?

Is it possible to pay the deposit into the agents trust account using reward pay / b2b pay?

Is there another payment service if it is not possible using the above 2???

I do have a business with an ABN, couLd i do it this way using reward pay or B2B though the business has nothing to do with the house purchase.

If not could anyone suggest other ways to earn the maximum points on stamo duty paid and deposit transferred into the agents/solicitors trust account.

Both Rewardpay and B2Bpay require an ABN to sign up. They do not perform checks on each payment to ensure it is being used for the linked business, but in my experience they do keep an eye on payments to limit their risk of fraud. Rewardpay lets you pay to a recipients bank account, B2Bpay lets you also pay via bpay. Best way to see if this will work for you is to test either or both services and see which you prefer in terms of fees, card acceptance and payment method.