Is it possible to not include Qantas as part of a oneworld RTW itinerary?

Am currently heading o/s to London start of October and won’t have received my 100,000 bonus points from ANZ at the time. I have flight credits to use so am not concerned, but ideally would like to put the 100,000 points towards a RTW ticket for maximum value. Reading the conditions of the RTW ticket, there is a requirement to include at least 2 other oneworld alliance members (which is easy) other than Qantas. Considering Qantas only flies to/from Aus - is it possible to not include them and only use partners on the ticket?


G’day @mikeytrox,

You’re right, can get a Oneworld Classic Reward ticket without using Qantas specifically, as your interpretation of the rules you listed is correct, just bear in mind the other specific rules that affect the RTW tickets as well (I’ve never booked one not departing from Australia, so can’t speak from personal experience).

Good luck!