Is it possible to make insurance claim for cancelled Virgin Australia flights booked via Amex Travel?

Good morning all,
I had a Holiday booked for last year in July, Which was obviously pushed twice then cancelled due to COVID.
I had tried to cancel the flight prior to virgin going under but they said I had to wait till closer to the flight to cancel it, So i waited and then a few weeks later… well we all know what happened.

They then said my money would be abale to be used from my travel bank.

But what I was wondering, does anyone know if i can lodge a claim with Amex Platinium Travel? (thats who it was booked through)
And has anyone had any luck doing this?

I am a loyal Virgin Flyer (Platinium for 5+ years now) Just dont really want to have $6,000 sitting in travel bank if i will not be using it for the next few months.

Sorry not Travel bank, I believe the money is a “Future Flight Credit”
Which I have no idea how to use. seems they forgot to update me on anything

If you have booked through AMEX Platinum Travel, they should be your travel agent for the booking and so they should be the one that is updating you on your future flight credit. From my knowledge, you need to use your credit through them. Not sure about AMEX’s policy on claims, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I too struggle to see how I could spend 6,000 dollars on Virgin unless it was a transcon trip for several people in Business?