Is it possible to earn Velocity points when using Velocity Global Wallet to pay off Amex credit card?


I was wondering if it was possible to earn Velocity points by putting money into my Velocity Global Wallet Visa Card and using it to pay off debts on my Amex Platinum Edge card?

The following is stated on the Velocity Global Wallet Page but I wasn’t sure what the things in bold meant. E.g. do they mean that I can’t earn points when paying fee and charges on just Velocity, or any kind of fees and charges… including on my Amex?

2 Points earn applies to purchases made by use of the Global Wallet® card only and excludes ATM withdrawals, quasi cash transactions, fees and charges, account adjustments, reversed transactions and gambling transactions. Members will earn 1 Point per AUD$1.00 (in the equivalent international currency) for international spend on the Global Wallet® and 1 Point per AUD$2.00 of domestic AUD currency spend on the Global Wallet®.

It would be good if they allow you to earn point on credit card debt payment but from common sense i don’t think you will , from my understanding paying off your credit card debt treated like Bpay payment and all Bpay is excluding from earn point as it is not a eligible transaction \r\n\r\n Points earn applies to purchases made by use of the Global Wallet® card only\r\n\r\nDon’t think pay off other credit card debt qualify as a purchase