Is it possible to earn Tier miles for A3 Miles and Bonus and earn Krisflyer miles for the same flight?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with crediting Award & Tier Miles to separate frequent flyer accounts.

I will be travelling on a paid ticket to Europe in a few weeks and wanted to credit my ‘Tier miles’ to A3 Miles and Bonus (to maintain my gold status for only 12,000 miles) and credit my award miles to Singapore Krisflyer (with an aim to transferring my AMEX points within the year to redeem Singapore Airlines Business class fare within the year).

After reading point 3G of the following flyertalk link, it appears that this is not a problem

However several phonecall to Singapore Airlines Call Centre inform me they can only credit to one program. Does anyone have any experience / can advise?



Hi Tony,

If by “not a problem” you mean that it’s technically possible for the airlines’ computer systems to credit points and status/tiers to two different systems, you may be correct (according to the Flyertalk link above).

However, that’s a long, long way from saying that it’s the airlines’ policy/practice to allow it to happen. It’s “not a problem” (in terms of having the technology to do it) for me to get into my car and drive at 200kph on the wrong side of the highway either …

Your best bet might be to be to call again, and again, and again, and again, until you find someone who’s unaware of the policy and/or willing to do it because you ask nicely. It might take you a few minutes or several hours. Alternatively there might be an airline out there, somewhere, which allows it.

On the other hand, I took the post to simply mean that you can take advantage of tier status earned on one airline while crediting your points to another programme (eg. I could use my Gold Velocity status to use a Singapore lounge for a flight which I credit to KrisFlyer).

Feel free to keep trying/looking, and I’d be very interested to hear if you’re successful. But I don’t like your chances!