Is it possible to earn Status Credits on Qantas Frequent Flyer with flight upgrades?

First time, long time.

I recently changed jobs and started travelling a lot more for work which, of course, means an increase in points. It also means an increase in status credits, but my deadline for renewal is fast approaching and I think I’ll fall a little short of Gold (Qantas) within the time allowed.

I’ve got upcoming flights and I’m wondering if it’s possible to upgrade those flights using points, to then earn more status credits per flight? So instead of Melbourne-Auckland earning me 20 credits, I’d pay 16,000 points to upgrade to Business and thereby earn 80 credits. Does that work? Can you earn credits on points-upgrade flights?

Are there any other get-rich-quick techniques for status credits?


no you don’t get status credits or extra points at the level of the upgrade. it’s only on the base fare you paid for.

Thanks for the reply. Does that mean you don’t earn them on rewards flights either? Are there any other last-ditch efforts I can consider to raise my credits in the next 6 weeks?

no, you do not earn any status credits for rewards flights either.\r\n\r\nbesides the double status credits offer Qantas offer occasionally there is no other “get rick quick” other than buying business and first class flights outright. that’s how the system is defined they either want you to buy the more expensive classes, or fly very regularly (and I mean a lot) in economy to earn Gold

Still mad scrambling!

If I were to get a flight through work and pay for the upgrade myself (cash dollars) would I earn the higher amount of status credits?