Is it possible to convert Qantas points to Velocity?

Hi there

Is it possible to convert qantas points to velocity by converting the qantas points through some 3rd party surrogate program (like a hotel program) and then transferring out back to velocity?



No. To do that you would need to transfer your QFF points to some other rewards program which cannot be done. Qantas points can only be used for Qantas redemptions.

OK thanks for the response Bofman. Thought as much.

Both programs allow family transfers. If you have a relative who’s happy to swap your Qantas points for his or her Velocity points you could do it that way.

Qantas Frequent Flyer is a bit of a dead end as far as transferring to other programs goes.

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately you can’t convert Qantas points to Velocity points.

One thing to keep in mind (not sure if this is applicable to you) is that Qantas and Virgin do sometimes offer ‘status match’ to selected frequent flyers meaning if you are a Gold frequent flyer with Qantas then Virgin will offer you to become a Gold frequent flyer with them. To keep the gold status after three months I think you had to do a certain amount of travelling.