Is it possible to combine an Italy trip and USA trip using one oneworld RTW ticket?

Hi All

I’m looking at getting a RTW ticket using Qantas points for me and the family (4 of us).

I was trying to look at options where I can go from Melbourne to Italy (Milan) and then within the 12 months time frame go to LA.

I think I might have found a way;

Perth (make my own way there from Melbourne) to Dubai
Dubai to Milan
Milan to Dubai
Dubai to Melbourne
Melbourne to LA (9 to 10 months later)
LA to Brisbane
Factor in distance Brisbane to Perth
Make my own way from Brisbane to Melbourne.

All up that = 32,537

Does anybody see issues with this itinerary, or have suggestions of a better way to do it?

Appreciate the help.


G’day @markscherian

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the itinerary that you suggested isn’t actually possible under the terms of the Qantas Oneworld classic Reward. Unfortunately, you can’t return to the city or country of origin in the trip, otherwise it will end, so you would have to start your first flight from overseas - this is addressed in Perks of starting your Qantas oneworld Classic Reward overseas
If you did as the article suggested and started from overseas, this would add to the mileage used by the itinerary, which pushes it over the 35,000 mile limit.

Also, bear in mind that the Qantas ‘RTW award’ is actually only for oneworld airlines - Emirates and Jetstar, among other Qantas partners, cannot be used.

The only way I can see this working is if you go for an itinerary something like the one that follows:

MEL → MXP via DOH on Qatar Airways
MXP → KUL via DOH on Qatar Airways
Cash Fare - KUL → MEL
Cash Fare - MEL → KUL
KUL → LAX via NRT/HKG on JAL/Cathay
LAX → MEL on Qantas

Obviously not ideal, and the cash fare (KUL - MEL return) hurts. Of course, if you have miles to spare, you can use them here as well. The reason I use KUL is simply that its closer to both DOH, and to HKG/Tokyo for the connections, as well as being a hub for Malaysia Airlines and thus having good connections.

Hope this helps,


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Got it, makes sense thanks Wilson!

A bit of mucking around, think I need to revaluate and try and work it into one trip.


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