Is it possible to book Singapore Airlines flights direct through Velocity?

Route: Australia>Singapore>France>JFK New York

Is it possible to book such a ticket direct through velocity? I get it I can transfer to Krisflyer but want to avoid that due to surcharges. The trip fits neatly under the 15K miles (so 139k points) mark, but I can’t find it to book online, only Etihad is available from what I can see.

As an add on, the velocity redemption rules say no stopovers, is this a hard rule? Can you get around it?


I believe SIA doesn’t fly France to JFK. You may be thinking FRA -> France. The main airport for France is CDG while FRA is for Frankfurt, Germany.

SIA does fly Aus->SIN->FRA->JFK. However, I am not sure you can redeem that through Velocity. Not familiar with their routing rules for award seats. I tried a multicity search but it says to contact call centre.

Unless someone else can give more definite answer here, I would suggest ringing the call centre in the interim if you want to find out sooner rather than later. Their call centre aren’t terribly busy from prior experience.

With regards to stopover, this says not allowed but you can try your luck with the consultant over the phone.



Sorry the France was an autocorrect Typo. I meant Australia > Singapore > Frankfurt > New York JFK.