Is it possible to book a points redemption flight while you wait for points to arrive from your bank?

Hi all,

I am looking at going to the us, but want to pay with velocity points, but i wont have enough unitl a few months time, is there a way to book the flight now to avoid missing out on the flights?

in the meantime, ive set up all my bills etc to direct debit my amex, but i really need nab to hurry and give me the 250k…

or has anyone got this through nab before? how long till you got the points? I’ve heard 90 days, but I’ve also heard of 1 month…




This 2014 AFF forum below says no but you can try your luck by giving Velocity a call.

I doubt you can for the reasons discussed.

I am waiting for my 250k too ;). Hopefully your US travel dates are flexible. Very challenging to secure reward seats otherwise.

Only had experience with AA for a 5 day hold. Krisflyer doesn’t allow holds - I tried.

Cheers. Unfort i need to go in feb. Not too flexible unfortunately. Hopefully theyll be there later.


I tried calling. They just advised to buy the points. No thanks.