Is it fine to waitlist multiple flights with Asia Miles?

Hi I have a enough points in my account for a couple of business seats from Australia to Europe.
Is it ok to weight-list on several flights and routes on the same day? will this be frowned upon?
If I am successful on any of those flights I’m assuming my points will only be deducted once I confirm the flight, yes? and in the event I confirm and then latter find a more suitable flight is there any chance to reschedule? or cancel all together is there a point penalty like Qantas 5000 points?

Thanks in advance.

Hi ricky,

In answer to your questions…

  • Yes, it’s perfectly ok to waitlist several flights. In fact, given how hard it is to get reward seats on Asia Miles, it’s recommended! It’s definitely not frowned upon.

  • Yes, your points will only be deducted once the flights are confirmed.

  • Yes, you are able to reschedule or cancel, but there are penalties you’ll have to pay. They’re different for different scenarios, and you’ll have the option of paying the penalties in either dollars or points. The various penalties and scenarios are outlined on the Asia Miles FAQ page. Click on “Redeeming Awards”, then “Flight Awards”.

Hope this helps!

Thanks appreciate your prompt response.