Is it better to use Altitude points directly or transfer to Krisflyer/Velocity first for booking flights?

I’m quitting Altitude and have 90 days to decide what to do with 280,000 points. I do a lot of travel to Asia (usually Singapore or Thai airlines), and trips to Europe once a year. Is it better to book a holiday through Altitude or to transfer the points to Velocity or Krisflyer or even Qantas (I sometimes fly to Bali on Jetstar and have about 100,000 Qantas points)? I don’t have any trips planned or needing to be booked in the next 90 days.

If you don’t have anything planned or need to book in the next 90 days you would be best to transfer your points out prior to closing. Also remember that any points earned but not yet credited to your Altitude account will be forfeited so you need to stop using the card prior to closure.

As far as which program to transfer to, only you can make that decision. Just bear in mind that if you transfer from Altitude to Krisflyer or to Velocity then that is where they should stay. If you later transfer from Velocity to Krisflyer or vice versa you will be exchanging at a rate of 1.35 miles or points from the originating program to 1 mile or point in the receiving program.

Thanks for that. If I do find I have to book something within 90 days, is it better to use the Altitude points directly or to xfer them to the airline I intend to go with eg. Krisflyer (if I want to go Thai) or Qantas (if I want Qantas/Jetstar)?