Is it better to transfer Flybuys points to Velocity or exchange for Virgin gift cards for flight?

Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me if it’s better to transfer flybuys points to velocity points or is it better to buy virgin gift cards using flybuys dollars

Hi @kmeredith

First things first: make sure that you can use FlyBuys dollars to buy Virgin gift cards. Coles has a policy that you can’t use gift cards to purchase other gift cards, so if Coles treats FlyBuys dollars as a gift card, you won’t have the option of purchasing a Virgin gift card with your points.

Assuming you have the choice, almost all of the time it’s better to transfer FlyBuys to Velocity. Let’s take a typical example: you want to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. Let’s assume that the flight costs about $150, or if you use points, it’ll cost you 7800 Velocity points plus about $25 in extra charges.

If you convert FlyBuys points to FlyBuys dollars, 20000 FlyBuys points will get you $100 FlyBuys dollars which (maybe) you could use to buy a $100 Virgin gift card. So you’ll still need to fork up an extra $50 or whatever the extra cost of the flight is.

If you convert FlyBuys points to Velocity points (doing so during a 15% bonus promotion), you’ll end up with 10000 Velocity points from your 20000 FlyBuys points – more than enough for your flight.

It becomes even clearer if you’re going for a Business class redemption: it’s much better value to convert to Velocity points rather than FlyBuys dollars.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much I’m just getting used to trying to make the most of my points and the tips and tricks I’ll keep building up my flybuys until a 15% deal

Hi kmeredith

Velocity is running the 15% bonus deal now and it will last until 30 November 2019.

For every 2000 flybuys you get 870 velocity points and with the 15% bonus you will receive 870 + 131 velocity points.


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