Is it better to go for point upgrades versus outright redemption on Singapore Airlines?

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I’m trying to work out the best value of upgrading via points versus outright point redemption on Singapore airlines using Kris Flyer miles.

  1. Is there a way of previewing how much an upgrade would cost as I won’t have enough points until March-ish (looking to fly to Euro in July).
  2. Can you go from economy to business class? There looks to be contradictory information out there, as apparently you can’t ‘double-jump’ classes but what if a plane doesn’t have premium economy would it make the business redemption cheaper?
  3. Is there a difference in award seat availability for redemption fares versus upgrading?



  1. Google search found this calculator.
  2. Yes. According to the calculator.
  3. Should be the same availability. If you can redeem a seat outright, and your economy fare is eligible, you can upgrade your seat.
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