Is it better to accrue miles on KrisFlyer than accrue points on Velocity?

I have both Velocity and KrisFlyer memberships. I prefer Velocity as the points don’t expire and I have more ways to collect points here in Australia.

On my recent trip from Sydney to Singapore to Bengaluru and back on Singapore Airlines, I accrued points on Velocity and I only received 391( SYD-SIN) + 198(SIN-BLR) + 198(BLR-SIN) + 391(SIN-SYD) = 1178 points.

Had I accrued miles on KrisFlyer instead, I would have accrued 3912( SYD-SIN) + 1971(SIN-BLR) + 1971(BLR-SIN) + 3912(SIN-SYD) = 11766 miles. I found this using KrisFlyer’s accrual calculator.
If I had then converted these KrisFlyer miles to Velocity points, I would have received 8716 points.

Why is there such a stark difference between the KrisFlyer miles and Velocity points that can be earned? I have literally earned only 1/10th on Velocity of what I could have on KrisFlyer. Is it always better to accrue miles on KrisFlyer than accrue points on Velocity?


I am not sure whether that is the general consensus across the board.

I believe I have heard before that Velocity earns more on Virgin Australia metal flights. Maybe the same is true for Krisflyer earning more on SQ metal. This could be fact or fiction for all I know.

Each airlines has their own calculation of points earned, status credit earned, etc. Fare type/code determines different calculations too.

Best to check and compare point earn on the respective airlines beforehand. is a handy website too.