Is it best to book Qatar business class with Qantas points?

Hi all,

Chasing some assistance with flights next July (2019). The wife and I are completing a cruise in Venice on 28 July 2019 and are looking for a business class flight, around that date, and to Singapore.

We’d love to try Qatar business class and have enough points for the flight.

Chasing some advice in trying to secure this flight…

Is booking it through Qantas the best method? Or is another way better?

What would be an anticipated date that such a flight would be available?

Any other advice anyone would have would be gratefully appreciated.


Qatar bookings should become available 361 days before the flight.

Have a read of this helpful article regarding how to search available flights…

Further query if someone can assist please.

Checking on the Qantas site, there’s available flights using Qatar business class, from Venice or Milan to Singapore, up to 27 June 2019 and then nothing until 14 August 2019.

Would it be there is a blackout period for that 5-6 weeks for Qatar?  Do you think they’ll eventually become available?

Or would the suggestion be to go with another carrier??

Again, appreciate any advice.