Is it a good idea to convert my Diners Card points to SPG and park them there for direct transfer to airlines?

I have a significant number of Diners Card points and read there was a 5,000 bonus with the transfer of each 20,000 block to SPG.  This appears to be about 2 years outdated and neither SPG nor Diners are aware of it.  In your opinion, and with greater knowledge than mine, would you recommend “parking” my points in SPG or leaving them in Diners for direct transfer to Airlines?  I am travelling on an undetermined itinerary and hope to take advantage of whatever “specials” befall me on the way, by way of points (in the 000,000’s).  Is it true Diners takes up to 28 days to transfer? Kindest of thanks for your reply and terrific site.  Soon

Hi there.

As I am aware, two diner’s club points = one SPG point (same as AMEX). If you are transferring into one of Diner’s club airline partners, it’s best to check their rates to see if you can get a better deal. Where you were getting confused about the bonus 5k is when you transfer OUT of SPG, not into SPG. When transferring out of SPG, 20k points get’s an automatic 5k bonus added to it, making 20k SPG points = 25k points in any of the 20+ points programs you can transfer to. (NOTE: Air new zealand and Lan (Tam) come to mind as transfer partners where this may differ, however I would avoid these programs anyway)

Hopefully this helps you somewhat. Diner’s Club points don’t expire I believe, so it’s best to keep them there until you have a use for them.