Is IHG - points + cash ever a good deal?

I just used points + cash as part of the accelerate offer. I thought I was paying I think 80USD + using 10,000 points but apparently I bought 10,000 points and used 10,000 of my own points.

So USD$80 = NZD$107 about half the rack rate.
So I paid NZD $107 to buy 10,000 IHG points? I don’t remember what the 100% promo on IHG points was but I’m pretty sure it cost less than what I just paid.

I think next one was $50USD = NZD $67 to buy 5,000 points and use 15,000 points of my own?

I don’t understand why people use points + cash. Is it ever a good deal apart from the whole book and cancel thing? I probably don’t have this right. Can someone shine a light on this for me please?

The cash rates seem a little high from my experience. I usually see 10,000 points at around $US65 in the Points + Pay offer.

For different hotels the value does vary, so it really does depend on the cash price versus the rewards price.

The $US80 for 10,000 does seem high…which hotel was this for?


Auckland Airport HI

The points listed is how many of your OWN points you’re using right?