Is high taxes and carrier charges from Melbourne to Singapore on Emirates the norm?

Looking to buy (with Qantas points) a business class ticket from Melbourne to Singapore. I found a direct ticket flying with Emirates for 75,000 points however the taxes and carrier charges came to an extra $1,154 - is this normal for purchasing business class using the classic rewards option?

G’day @anchi.chen93

Unfortunately, this is normal for travel on Emirates - they’ve increased their carrier charges on reward seats to (in my opinion) absolutely ridiculous levels, blaming increased fuel prices. Most other carriers don’t charge that much on their flights.

If you want a further dive, have a look at this article: Emirates hikes reward seat charges for the fourth time! - Point Hacks


Thanks, that was helpful!

Yes, it’s the norm at the moment. I’ve actually found recently on a number of flights i booked with Emirates that the fees and charges are the same for BOTH Business Class AND 1st Class! So, if you have enough points, it’s well worth your while flying 1st Class instead so that you maximise the cash value of the reward flight.