Is flying from Brisbane to New York via Dubai too long even in Emirates first class?

I am booked on a F class flight from Brisbane to New York Via Dubai next month (purchased with QF points). My question is, will 2x 15 hours (back to back flights) be too much flying, even in first? I am not great with long flights and do not sleep easily on planes. Not sure if the 2nd flight will just be a bit too much. Has anyone completed this flight and can give me feedback?

I have friends, who are F(irst) veterans. One has flown your exact route with Emirates. He enjoyed the flight but was tired nonetheless. 30hrs is a long time to be in the air even in F. However, it (F) should be the most comfortable way to fly (other than flying private jet, etc.). The same friend now will only do multistop itinerary in F. He will not do the roundabout route in a top quality J (business) as he much rather go the more direct route in an above average J to spend more time at the destination. Growing older and having experienced it many times also takes some of the shine off.

In saying that, I would not hesitate to enjoy as much F flights as I can as it is getting rarer as more and more airlines decide to scrap F altogether.

Since you do not do well on long flights, you might want to consider some sleeping medication (if you struggle to relax or sleep), get some decent noise cancellation earphones (eventhough the F earphones are not bad), pack some comfortable PJs (eventhough EK provide great PJs - a bit too thick if you prefer to sleep in cooler conditions). As tempting as it is to indulge in alcohol on offer, if you want to reduce jetlag, stay hydrated and indulge in moderation.

If cabin is rather empty, you might be able to shower once before sleep and once more before arrival. Otherwise, you can always shower at the Dubai lounge (depending on your transit duration). If your stopover is long enough, EK used to (not so sure now) provide free hotel stays. A proper bed is much better for sleeping than any nice F lounge or F bed, IMO.

I’m sure you will enjoy yourself. All the best.

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Thanks so much for your detailed response! I am actually thinking of changing to the usual route direct through the US in a less premium cabin. More time at the destination and the opportunity to break up the trip (unless someone can change my mind). I really don’t want to miss out on the EK First experience though!!!

My personal vote is keep the F. But everyone is different.