Is First Class worth the additional Krisflyer miles when compared to Business class (Boeing 777)?

Hi all,

After finally saving for the last 10ish years I have enough points for a Lon-Mel one way on Singapore First Class (transferring points from Velocity). My question is though looking at the 777’s which seems the availability is through, should I spend the 296k on first or 210k on business and save the rest for later. The cabins don’t look all that different to me. (although if I could snare a 380 cabin, I would do that)

This is a “once in a lifetime” holiday, I also have enough Qantas point for MEL-DXB in first so that checks the first cabin off my list.

Thanks in advance for your opinions

I vote yes if you can afford the points/miles. Each to their own.

If you want to go first ensure they are daytime flights, otherwise I honestly don’t see the point if most of the flight is spent sleeping.

Just check which aircraft you are flying… While obviously you want the new Suites on an A380 (which is possible LHR-SIN), SIA fly’s a mix of aircraft to Melbourne, including

  • SQ207 and 217 use the A350 with the standard, 1-2-1 long-haul business class. These are my preferred flights on this route. SQ217 sometimes gets an A380 over Summer.
  • SQ227 uses the 777-300s/B77W, which have the standard First, which is not a huge improvement over 1-2-1 Business class, IMHO e.g. SQ227
  • SQ237 uses mostly the B77W, but also the older A380s, which will not all be refitted till 2020.
  • SQ247 use the old 777-200, which has the old 2-2-2 Business and no First, and should be avoided.
While First is lovely and all, I personally believe the difference with the modern, private, 1-2-1 business class products is smaller than the gulf between economy and business, and I would opt for the Business reward on new planes. That may leave you enough to get an Economy reward or an upgrade at a later date as well.