Is First Class to Europe worth paying the additional points for?

Hey team,

My question is a two in one. I am looking at going to Europe next year (don`t mind what city). We have a large balance of QFF points. Does anyone have any recommendation for which airline is best to use redemption for? The second question is: is first really worth the extra points? or is business suitable on the long haul flight?

Thanks in advance,


Hi sebastian94,

If you are using Qantas points to get to EU, I would recommend Emirates (high surcharge), Cathay Pacific (if you can find award space) or Finair (heard good reviews).

If you are sitting on a large QF balance (large enough that it wouldn’t mean less trips in the near future), I would suggest First class if you can get it. As the taxes charged for Business and First are the same. First class is getting rarer.

If you are just after a comfy seat to sit and sleep in, most business seats get the job done.

Having done both to Frankfurt and back I’d only go first again if all legs could be day flights. At night you just want to sleep and J is plenty for that imo.

thanks team, really appreciate your responses! Been a great help

I think you would also need to look at the aircraft type - we redeemed Krisflyer for first class back from London. The first part in the suites was amazing but the second leg back to Melbourne was barely a step up from business class.