Is everyone transfering Velocity points to Krisflyer before 1 Jan 2019?

I am considering to transfer 90% of my points to krisflyer before 1st Jan 19. The reason being that its cheaper to redeem and more availability on award seats as a krisflyer member.
What is your thoughts and will you be transferring most of your velocity points to krisflyer by end of Dec?

It is important to remember that Krisflyer points expire after 3 years so you need to take this into consideration.

I will be transferring a large proportion of my Velocity points into KrisFlyer before 1 January, but not all of them. KrisFlyer is a fantastic programme and I am very comfortable having points with them. However, depending on your situation, there may be good reasons to not transfer your points, namely:

  • As Bofman has already stated, KrisFlyer points expire after 3 years whereas Velocity points never expire as long as you keep your account active at a minimal level.
  • Some routes actually require fewer Velocity points than KrisFlyer points (eg. Sydney-Melbourne, Syd/Mel/Bris-Perth, etc etc). The same is true for some overseas routes as well. So your assertion that it's "cheaper to redeem" award seats with KrisFlyer is not always correct.
  • There are some routes and airlines that can be redeemed with Velocity points but not with KrisFlyer points (eg. Delta Airlines to the USA).
You are correct, however, when you say that there's more availability on Singapore Air flights for KrisFlyer members than Velocity members. As with everything, do your research, look into the routes that are important to you, and make your decision accordingly.

KF have all my Velocity points now.

Notwithstanding the 3 year expiry…if you want to travel long haul in J then there is no option unless you are ““Super”” (sic) Platinum . J seats are not available to mug punters like us until around 10 days prior to departure.

Singapore Airlines are my new best friends with amazing service and many redemption options even if it means going to a partner airline.