Is Emirates cancelling all A380 flights?

I have Emirates First Class flights booked from Melbourne to Milan in May 2021. I chose it specifically because it was an A380 for a “once in a lifetime” experience with my elderly mum - including on-board bar and shower. Qantas just advised they’ve changed the flight to the evening flight which is a 777-300ER (No bar, no shower). Does anyone know if Emirates are removing A380 flights completely?

Hi Graham, 45% of Emirates’ fleet is the Airbus A380, and they are still taking new deliveries. So Emirates won’t be removing A380 flights completely, but I imagine they would probably be downgrading secondary routes to the Boeing 777 where there is less capacity needed (and Milan would be a ‘secondary’ destination compared to London, for example).

Unfortunately it’s the luck of the draw and there’s nothing you can do apart from change flights and hope for the best, if you’re set on the Airbus A380.

Thanks Brandon. I was looking forward to the experience of A380 first class. I’d be happy if we just got an A380 on the Australia-Dubai leg! (the second leg Dubai-Milan doesn’t matter). Departure city from Australia is completely flexible. How would one check to see which, if any, cities will have A380’s?

It’s just a matter of going through the Qantas website and checking different departure cities/dates until you find reward seats on an Airbus A380 flight which suits you. Then call up and change. You may get better luck prioritising bigger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne rather than Adelaide, for example.

Are all Boeing 777-300ER’s departing Australia the ones shown in the Emirates video on their website? If not, how can you tell which layout you’ll get?

Unfortunately, the only way to tell is to check the seatmap for that flight (either through the Emirates website or using ExpertFlyer if you know how to use it).

That fancy new First Class on the Boeing 777s will only display 6 suites on the seatmap, whether all the other 777s will have 8 or more. Not many of Emirates’ 777s have the new 6-suite First Class, so you may not find it at all. It’s more common on European routes.

Thanks Brandon. I don’t have a subscription to Expert Flyer. Will Seat Guru show me? I know how to work that. But on Seat Guru, I clicked through the different versions of 777’s, and there is no version of a 777 with 6 seat layout in first. How do I see on Emirates site which aircraft it is? Graham