Is credit card complimentary insurance sufficient for covid related coverage?

Hi l noticed for Singapore travel and l expect will be relevant for other countries the requirement for $30K Covid insurance cover.
I looked at the ANZ card included insurance and could not find any mention of Covid cover.
Does anyone know if any of the credit card offers included this type of insurance.

Hi @fborgy, we don’t expect credit card insurance will adequately cover you for COVID-19 expenses. You may want to look at a third party policy. I believe that a few operators in Singapore will sell insurance that specifically meets for travel to Singapore: Mandatory Inbound COVID-19 Travel Insurance


Yes, credit cards likely won’t have the coverage needed for Singapore VTL travel.
CNA (state-owned TV) did a great show talking about the various insurance and hassles you have to deal with travelling to Singapore.
Travelling During A Pandemic: How Has It Changed? | Talking Point | Full Episode - YouTube
Even if you aren’t going to Singapore, it’s good to know that different insurance policies have different stipulations and what they cover in what event.

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