Is checked baggage included with domestic American Airlines flights redeemed with Qantas Points?

Hi there,

Can someone please help me the correct answer for this? I’ve redeemed 2 U.S. domestic flights using my Qantas Points ( flight will be operated by American Airlines ).

My question is: Do I need to pay for checked baggage? In my Qantas pdf confirmation It says 1 checked baggage included, but I’m pretty sure when I was booking it said: No checked luggage?

What is correct? Has anyone passed through the same experience?


If it was me, I would probably try the following to find out.

Manage booking via Qantas to find out baggage allowance.
Find out fare type/code.
Manage booking on AA via eticket number or reference number.
Failing that, reach out to Qantas/AA via online chat or social media.

Sorry this may not be very helpful but I thought I would throw in my 2c since there is a lack of response from others.

Thanks @w.hiew.

Well, that’s the issue I have, managing via Qantas and also on my booking confirmation pdf, it clearly says checked baggage included.

On AA I don’t see such thing though.

I tried your approach of checking the fares and apparently Qantas reward flights were redeemed on a Economy Fare ( not Basic Economy ), which on the AA it says it doesn’t included.

Anyway, trip is in 2 weeks I will find out soon.


That sucks.

I would print out the Qantas itineraries showing the baggage allowance and feign ignorance at the check in counter - worst case is they tell you baggage allowance is not included. If they do charge you for it, get documentation for everything and try and claim it from Qantas. At least you can probably get some points or $ for your trouble?

-Make lemonade.

I recently took a flight from Honolulu to Seattle which is a domestic US flight. I’d booked it using points through Qantas website (Alaska Airlines). When we got to the airport I found that my bags were included, but my travelling companion’s weren’t. Huh??? It wasn’t much to pay for my partner’s bag so I just paid it, but I’ve got no idea why. I love w.hiew’s comment “Make Lemonade”.:grinning:

Wow, that’s very interesting! I guess I will give it a go with what @w.hiew said.

Will do for sure!

It’s a bit awkward indeed!

Make a lemonade, that’s it!