Is Air France a Oneworld member?

I’m looking at booking a Oneworld RTW flight reward, is Air France part of Oneworld?

No, it’s in another alliance (SkyTeam).

You can redeem and earn Qantas points on Air France flights because of a bilateral alliance between the two airlines (the Emirates alliance is another example of this). But because they’re not part of Oneworld, you can’t include Air France as part of a RTW award.


Thanks for your reply and I thought that maybe the case… was just trying to omit flying into London. Do you know if the following itinerary is classed as a Oneworld RTW business capped at 318K or do I have to go through Asia:

SYD - JNB - Qantas
LAX - SYD - Qantas

Thanks for your help!!

Looks good to me – those are all Oneworld airlines and you’ve come in well below the 35,000 mile limit. It even gives you a bit of wriggle-room to return to Sydney via Asia if you can’t get a direct flight from LAX.

All the best!

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Yes I have already secured these flights for May/June next year on separate etickets. I plan to add a few internal flights from London to Paris/Rome. Do you know if I have to contact Qantas to link the bookings together and also need to somehow get the points back. I had to book JFK-LAX in first so unfortunately the cap is now 455.

Well done for securing the flights! Unfortunately I’ve never booked a Oneworld RTW so I’m not on top of the finer details for how it works. I would think, though, that you’d need to contact Qantas to link the bookings.

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Thanks for all your help!!

Would suggest changing JFK - LAX to business before linking them up so you pay the Business RTW rate. Beware of taxes out flying out of London - the UK charges around $330 Aussie dollars for every flight that leaves the country. If you are planning internal flights, I would suggest using cash and booking a cheap Ryanair/Easyjet flight instead of paying this tax. In Europe, internal flights with BA are no frills anyways and you can even consider train travel which may be a) quicker, b) more convenient and c) cheaper.


Thanks for your help. Unfortunately there is no business available on AA and that is the only airline I can find a reward on. My taxes from LHR to JFK on BA were $981 pp, so I will take your advice on the internal flights and/or train travel.

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You cannot combine separate tickets into one ticket.

You should have added flights to your existing ticket as each flight became available. You should not have created a new ticket for each flight.

If you still want a ticket which caps at 318 (or 455 in your case) then unfortunately you will have to cancel your subsequent tickets, hope and pray that the seat goes back to the reward pool and then call Qantas and add it to your first ticket.