Is AAdvantage share miles worthwhile?

AA have a share miles bonus on until 1 August. ie 6-25k 20% discount and 26k-50k 30% discount. ie for 50k share = $437.50. Does anyone know how this works? I already bought a boatload of AA miles recently. Is it worth it for me to do this share as well to my partner’s account?

Thanks if someone can explain to me how this works!!

Hi ecco,

If I understand correctly, you are paying $437.50 to transfer 50k AA miles to your partner’s account? I.e. your partner does not get an increase in miles (also receiving 50k AA miles).

Personally, I wouldn’t spend money for something that I (We) already have. Unless of course, your partner requires a top up of AA miles. But as you have mentioned, you have a bucketload of AA miles so if anything, your partner should be combining miles into yours if that was the intention.

Unless I have gotten completely off the wrong foot.

I was just seeking clarification from someone who has taken up this offer to try and figure out if there is any value in in. I’m not sure how it works. The details of the offer are on the AA website.