Is a surface stopover city considered as an additional stopover city when redeeming a Qantas oneworld RTW itinerary?

Hi, very new to all this… need some help understanding the points rules to One World RTW trips.

I am starting out from adelaide, and travelling to Johannesburg (1st stopover) and then Instanbul (2nd Stopover), then making my way to London over a three week period) (surface travel), then Sao Paolo (I assume Sao Paolo to be my 3rd stop), then New York (4th Stop), then Hawaii (5th stop) then back to Adelaide.

My question is, does any of the surface travel between Istanbul and London (inclusive of London) count towards a “stopover” and therefore has the 5 stopover rule been compromised for the above trip? I assume that the final leg back home is also not included as a “stopover”?

I also understand that the surface mileage will be added to the overall trip.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out…

Hi at1

Thank you for your question.

A stopover is considered a stay of 24 hours or more in the one city, meaning you land in a city and depart from the same city 24 or more hours later.

Therefore surface stops do not count as stopovers, however, they are included in your mileage limits, so make sure not to ignore them completely.