Is a one way Krisflyer redemption from Budapest to Sydney possible?

I’m planning a trip to Europe which will start in Paris and end in Budapest. I note that the Krisflyer redemption website permits an option for a one-way fare from Sydney to Budapest (partially serviced by partners) but doesn’t seem to allow for booking a flight originating in Budapest to Sydney.

Is there a way to redeem this?

Even better, is it possible to book an open jaw ticket SYD - Paris; Budapest - SYD using Krisflyer points?

If I can’t book it on their website, is there any penalty in booking over the phone?

Thanks in advance for any assistance

You should be able to book these flights with a agent over the phone. If you can’t do it online, they should be able to waive the phone booking fees.

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Thanks. If these are booked as separate one way tickets (as availability become available), do you know if it is possible to then combine them as a “return” ticket (and take advantage of the free stopover available with return tickets)?

Best not to mess around with it. Sometimes, they may have to cancel both bookings to rebook. But the award seats may not go back to the inventory - you may end up loosing the seats.

Funnily enough, I’ve just been organising a European holiday that ends in Budapest! We’re taking a slightly different strategy to get home, which you might like to consider. We’re paying for a cheap Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul in Economy (they fly from Budapest three times per day, and tickets can be as cheap as EUR87), staying overnight in Istanbul, and then flying home in Business class on Singapore Airlines from Istanbul for a bargain-basement 86,000 points each.

If you were to use points to fly all the way from Budapest, you’d probably fly Turkish to Istanbul, then either Turkish or Singapore to Singapore, and then Singapore Airlines to Sydney. It would cost you just under 120,000 points each. That’s why we decided that paying for a cheap Economy flight to Istanbul (Pegasus Air, a Turkish budget airline, flies from Budapest to Istanbul too) was worth it to save over 30,000 points each.

I’ve found that, for difficult-to-redeem Star Alliance redemptions via KrisFlyer, downloading and filling out a “Partner Airline Reservation Request” form is an efficient and relatively easy way to get things done. Email it to KrisFlyer and someone will call you within a day or two to (hopefully) confirm the booking. I wasn’t charged any extra to do it that way either.

All the best!

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