Is a 16000-point upgrade to business for a flight from Rarotonga to Auckland worth the points?

This will be the first time I’ve actually used my points and I want to ensure I’m using a good points value, noting it’s an almost 5 hour flight. I understand value is a broad term as individuals see value at different levels, but comparatively is it a good use of points compared to other ways you can purchase points?

Hi garrettkelly.

Good points value is calculated by dividing the cost of the purchase by the number of points to show a ‘cents per point’ value. Example using a ticket cost of $2000 or say 40,000 points. Convert the dollars to cents and divide by points ie. 200000/40000 = 5 so you are getting 5 cents per point, an extremely good rate.

Your 16,000 point upgrade to business for a 5 hour flight sounds too good to be true. I would jump at it.