If I see there is reward seat availability on American Airlines website but it's not shown on Qantas site, can I book it with Qantas Points?

I am looking for a reward flight from Austin to Kansas on 17/2/23. The reward flight is not on the Qantas site, but if I search on AA I can see reward seats are available. Is there any way to use my Qantas Points to book that flight if it’s on the AA site, but not on the Qantas site?

No. AA has “AAnytime” awards which costs more and is only available to AAdvantage members.

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I wonder then, what is even the point of searching for award flights using the AA site? If you only then have to search the Qantas site anyway to make sure they are available for Qantas FF members? May as well just use the Qantas site?

It is useful for searching availability on everything BUT American Airline’s own flights. Just as you might find some availability on Qantas only available for Qantas FF members, American also release their own availability to their own members. So when using the AA website, you should keep in mind that most of the availability on AA shown is only available to AA members themselves, but for partner airlines like Cathay or Qantas, if you find availability on AA, it should be available to all OneWorld airline partners including Qantas (and hence bookable with Qantas points).