If I don't re-qualify for Velocity Platinum, will I have a soft landing to Velocity Gold?

If you are platinum (Velocity) and in the 12 month period you only get enough status credits to qualify for silver will you drop from Platinum to silver or will you get a “soft landing” and just drop back the one tier to gold for the subsequent year?

Hi @biggervoice

I don’t speak from personal experience but my understanding is that you’ll drop down one tier, from Platinum to Gold.


Yes you do. It is specifically written into the T&Cs:

22.6.1 If the total number of Status Credits earned and Eligible Sectors flown at a Member’s Review Date does not meet the criteria in clause 22.1.4 to maintain their current Membership Level, then the Member’s Membership Level will be downgraded to the Membership Level below their current Membership Level.


Thanks for the T & C page. Appreciate it!