If I book a transit flight using Qantas Points with two different seat types, will it be classed as 2 awards redemption?

Hi, I have a flight from New York(JFK) back to Hong Kong (HKG) and i’m waiting for some first class availability. however, there are some Japan Airlines (JAL) first class transiting in Narita which I am considering as well. If I change that, I was wondering if JFK>HKG (JAL) on First Class then transit NRT > HKG (JAL) on Business Class, would it be classed as 2 awards or 1 award as its just transiting?I assume if its one way first then the other league is business, the full first class points will be deducted.

Anyone can shed some light?


Hi Stephen,

QFF T&C states the following:

14.4.3 Where mixed-class travel is booked on a Trip, the Points required for that Trip will be calculated using the lowest quoted Points level of either:
a) the Points level for the highest class of travel flown on that Trip; or
b) the sum of Points, breaking the Trip into multiple Trips wherever the class of travel changes between sectors within a Trip.

Source: https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/dyn/program/terms#jump11

Maybe best to ring QFF help desk if you are in a hurry to find out, as I think you would be with most award availabilities. I’m sure they can easily put this question to bed. Otherwise, you will have to wait for  someone else to comment on this.

With all JAL flights, and a stopover <24 hours, then it’s a transit and Qantas will charge you the cost for the total distance JFK-NRT-HKG - but in First Class, even though one leg is in Business.