Ideas for a quick way to earn 80 Velocity Status Credits out of Brisbane?

I need to quickly earn 80 status points on my Velocity card to move up to Silver (I’m new to this game!). My anniversary is 16 Sept and I have a international flight booked early Oct so just miss the cut off.  I’ve just read about Family pooling and activated (wish I knew that a few months ago). I live in regional queensland which makes life a little more difficult, but can travel out of Bris…
Any guidance would be much appreciated … or do you think I should just let it go?
Many thanks in advance…

Hey Willougs - what’s your closest airport? I’ll have a dig around.

Have you had a good look at the actual benefits of Silver?  I’d be surprised if it was really worth it.  There may well be lots of ways to get them cheaper, but I would bet on paying roughly $80-100 per 10 status credits through flying.  The benefits of silver are pretty slim, I wouldn’t pay more than $100.

Thanks for the advice…good to have the benchmark figure.  Appreciate your time.

Hi Willougs,

Completely agree with the others that there’s generally not much extra value in Silver but you have to start somewhere :slight_smile:   Maybe it’s the extra 10kg on Etihad or the bonus points?

Either way if you decided to go for a “status run” (or three) have a look at the “Trade & Exchange Forum” on this very site you may be able to pick up one or two of the Amex Complimentary Flights at a reasonable price.

Update:  Sorry Willougs,
I’ve just remembered there are some caveats around the points/credits earning conditions of those flights. You must check if you do intend to try it.

Good luck!