Ideas for 170 status points to maintain Velocity Gold if based in Brisbane?

Hi all

Just looking for some advice on best way to maintain my Velocity Gold status, I already do family pooling and Coles flybys. I have until the end of October to get 170 points and looking for best bang of buck trip to get me this or at least close enough that I can finish off with one or two small weekend away trips.

There is two of us and as I mentioned I do have family pooling setup so would only need 85/each and we are already looking for an international holiday anyway so just want to ensure whatever option I pick it helps me get there, we live in Brisbane for reference. It will only be a short 1 week holiday so don’t want to travel too far (understand the irony given points are largely based on this) and originally we were hoping for a beach/island destination but open to other suggestions. I also have a fair chuck of velocity points around 150k and I’m unsure if I use these to upgrade to business whether status credit count as business or its based on fair booked?

Thanks in advance


Hi Josh, to answer your last question from the terms and conditions…

20.1.5 Members will earn Status Credits and Points based on the original fare class booked for flights where an UpgradeMe Points flight upgrade has been redeemed.

Hi Josh,

Full price economy to Bali should put you at 160 Status Credits with Family Pooling, probably the quickest way to acheive the holiday and credits in one go.



You + 1, return to Wellington or Christchurch on VA or NZ on full economy (flexi/freedom) will net 40SC per person per way, 160SC toto. They may then comp you the retain gold being only 10SC short. Worst case you can then do a quick domestic sector to get the missing 10SC.

Second vote for Bali, if you fly via Sydney you can get extra sc’s and for us at least it was   oddly cheaper

Thanks everyone for there responses.  I appreciate all the feedback I’ll look into Bali option.