I need 80 Velocity status points by June 2017. What options do I have?

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Firstly I love the friday afternoon updates sent via email! I am all new to the business travel scene and accuring points and I am finding your information very helpful.

I have a task to complete by June 2017 and need to get another 80 Velocity status points by this date… Could you reccommend any single leg or multiple leg flights that could at least achieve a good portion of this goal?

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What is your location?\r\nRound trip to somewhere in Asia with Singapore airlines might serve a better purpose for a quick getaway & be more worthwhile more so than several domestic journeys. \r\nHaving a partner with family pooling would also help.


I had a play on the Virgin website and found the following combinations to make up 80 Status pts.

16x BNE-SYD Getaway $129 x 16 = $2064

6x BNE-SYD Elevate $179 x 6 = $1074

4x BNE-SYD Freedom $395 x 4 = $1580


6x SYD-PER Getaway $294 x 6 = $1764

3x SYD-PER Elevate $354 x 3 = $1062

2x SYD-PER Freedom $634 x2 = $1268


6x SYD-AKL Go $189 x 6 =$1134

3x SYD-AKL Freedom $464 x 3 = $1392

2x SYD-AKL Prem Saver $489 x 2 = $978


The last 1 seems to be most palatable as it is only 1 return trip and is the lowest costs (for a random date in April 2017). Please do your own research to confirm the Status pts you will get.

If you have family member(s) in your Velocity family pooling, you don’t have to do all the flying yourself.

are you referring to the flybuys targeted gold membership offer?