I just moved to Europe. When flying to the US which airline should I go with?

I am flying to US and have always used Delta. Their partnership with Virgin AUS ends on 13 June, but Virgin Aus points will still be accrued if I book before 12 June.
The Delta marketed flight I have chosen is partly operated by KLM, which is now in a partnership with AirFrance, Delta and Virgin Atlantic. But KLM is also a One World Partner of Qantas.
Do I now register my Qantas FF or my Velocity FF when I book my ticket, to get as many points as possible including SC?

Check out wheretocredit.com .

If you have relocated to EU, it might be better to start earning status with a EU based program.

However, you might have a stockpile of Qantas or Velocity points you are hoping to use. If so, only Qantas status Gold and above shows you more award seats.

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