I can't remember how many points I need for my upcoming rewards flight - how do I find out?

I have a Qantas rewards flight booked but can’t recall how many points will be deducted when I fly in Feb. I can’t find the points required in my itinerary or on the FF website. Is there a way to check the points that flight will cost me and what happens if I don’t have the required number on departure date?

Hi @themulvihills

If your flight has been booked and ticketed, the points have already been deducted from your account — they were deducted at the time of booking.

To see how many points were deducted, log on to your Qantas FF account and then click on “See Activity Statement”.

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Hi sixtyeight - thanks so much for your speedy response. My first redemption and feeling pretty dim not to have realised. I had phoned Qantas FF to query this a few days ago and they just told me I had enough points to cover next month’s flight but didn’t mention they’d already been deducted months ago.