How was your experience with Virgin Australia's Upgrade Me?

I recently received an email from VA inviting me to ‘upgrade Me’ on the Perth to Melbourne flight.

Their were 3 of us on the same booking so we agree to offer the minimum cash value. It was successful. However, disappointing as the aircraft was the 737-800 - so no flatbed seats.

I was further disappointed to discover I wouldn’t get the business class status credit - only those aligned to my original booking in economy. I’ve ask VA were I can find this ‘condition’ and was directed to the Questions and answers page of Upgrade Me, It’s hidden away under “Selection/Rejection of Offer” heading!!!

If anyone is tempted to use this route to secure additional status credits - be aware it doesnt work with Virgin Australia

Lesson here. Business class on 737 and A320 is not worth extra money or points. Always check what the aircraft is before opting for an upgrade!

I am flying Syd-Per soon. I am on the A330. Got an upgrade me offer starting at $250.

Seriosusly considering bidding at the lowest price, ie $250, as there are atleast 6 ‘the business’ seats still available.