How to use Velocity points to redeem Air Canada flights?

Hi all, I want to fly to Vancouver with Air Canada. It looks like I can transfer from Velocity to Kris and book via Kris or does anyone have any other suggestions?
I tried to look at transferring from velocity to united but not sure if I can do this?

Hi Johnve,

You can only transfer between Velocity and Krisflyer due to a special reciprocal partnership. In general, you can’t transfer from one type of FF program to a different FF program. You can however use a FF program to redeem the FF program’s partner airlines.

So yes, you can transfer Velocity points to Krisflyer miles and redeem a Star Alliance redemption for Air Canada flights.

Best to check for availabilities through Krisflyer before transferring though.

Depending on when you’re looking to travel, you may be able to wait until the full FF tie up between AC and VA is complete, then you’ll be able to book on AC with velocity points.

Hi Thanks for the response. I have been looking for any information on the complete tie up with VA & AC but haven’t been able to see anything. Looked into Kris as well and was surprised at points costs for flights. May hang onto my VA points